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Services we offer

R&G Promotions can help give your printed communications the winning edge with everything from custom designed advertising fliers to corporate identity packages. Newsletters are our specialty, and we can design one for you in black and white, spot or full process color.


Our experienced staff will answer your questions and ease your job through what can often be a confusing and time-consuming printing process. We deal with the the printer and the headaches so you can focus on the more important task of running your business. Whether it is simple photocopies or a large offset press job, our extensive contacts will help you obtain the printing services you need at the best price.


Perhaps you want to build your customer base, or keep in touch with the customers you already have. R&G Promotions can show you how, with newsletters, fliers, brochures, business cards, advertising campaigns and mailing lists.

Advertising specialties

Planning a big event, such as a grand opening or a booth at a festival or trade show? R&G Promotions can assist you in obtaining advertising specialties ranging from imprinted pens or buttons to calendars, coffee mugs, T-shirts and more. We work with several popular dealers to bring you a wide selection of advertising merchandise at competitive prices.

Prufreed... er, proofreading

And don't forget editing and proofreading. A business letter, résumé, flier or advertising brochure, no matter how well designed and organized, loses its impact if it is loaded with typographical errors or misspellings. R&G Promotions can help you put your best foot forward with professional editing and proofreading. Whether you have an existing product that you would like to improve, or are planning a project from scratch, we will work with you to make sure your copy is as clean and clear as it can be.

For your Internet needs

You've probably heard a lot of talk about the so-called "New Economy," but if you're like most folks you probably still view the Internet as the realm of tech weenies and gearheads. The truth of the matter is that you don't have to be a multi-million dollar dot-com to take advantage of the benefits the World Wide Web can offer to your business, and R&G Promotions can help you discover them.

Web sites

Establishing your own Web site is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your audience. Once you are online and have publicized your Internet address, potential customers can surf on in to learn information about your products and services from the comfort of their homes, 24 hours a day, saving you time to run your business.

Need to make changes? Updating an established site is usually pretty easy and often can be done in the same day. Try doing that with a printed brochure or newspaper advertisement.

Internet publishing

R&G Promotions offers a variety of popular Web services, including page design, maintenance and hosting capabilities. We specialize in business brochure sites, which are simple three- or four-page packages with graphics that provide your business with a Web presence without draining your budget. We also can help you coordinate larger sites. Give us a call today and bring your business into the Information Age.

For all your business communications

From typesetting a simple business letter to coordinating your entire public relations campaign, R&G Promotions offers a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of today's on-the-go business professional. We offer quick turnaround on most jobs at prices that won't break your budget. Our patient, professional staff can answer any questions you may have. And your initial consultation is always free.

Check out the list of some of the many services we offer to our clients. If your need isn't listed here, give us a call and explain your situation. We are ready to help.

Some of our many popular services

Ad campaigns
Advertising specialties
Annual reports
Business cards
Business forms
Business plans
Editing and proofreading
Event coordination and consulting
Mailing lists
Press releases
Program guides
Trading cards
Web page design
Web site hosting
Web site maintenance